Attendance And Leave Policy


To ensure continuity in studies and to inculcate habits of regularity and punctuality in studies and to inculcate habits of regularity and punctuality regular attendance is must for the students:

  • Every student is strictly required to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance of total academic calendar days. The school has authority to call parents or charge fine for short attendance. School may even stop a student appearing in Test / Examination or deny promoting him / her to next class if he / she fails to maintain the required attendance percentage.

  • Students are required to be punctual to school and to arrive five minutes before the school time.

  • Late comers need to report to the Incharge Punctuality (PTI) and get their names registered in the Record Book.

  • Students, who regularly come late to the school (more than three times in a month), will be allowed to attend the class only after their parents meet the concerned teacher/ School Head.

  • No half days or early leave will be allowed to the students. In case of emergency, written permission will be required from the school head.

  • Parents should fill up “Leave Record ” given in the diary, for each day the students is absent from the school, stating the reason of absence.

  • The students who have been sick should bring medical certificate from the doctor on the first day of rejoining the school.

  • When a long term absence (more than 6 days) is anticipated, the parents/ guardians should take the written permission from the school Head, typically 10 days in advance.

  • It is mandatory for the students to attend the first and the last day of school (before and after every vacation). If they are unable to do so due to some unavoidable reasons, a written permission of the School Head / authorized person should be taken before the child can attend academic session.

  • No Assessments, tests or examinations will be rescheduled or re-conducted to accommodate student’s absence. Please note that the failure to attend the final examination may lead to the repetition of the same class in the next academic years.