Rules & Policies


  1.  Schedule For Parents Visit To School Office Timings:

    08:30 a.m. To 01:30 p.m. (on all working days).

    Visit Hours (By Prior Appointment).

    Principal : 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 hours on all working days.

  2. Note to Parents:

    (a). Except the above mentioned time the parents / guardians are not allowed to see the Teachers directly in the school premises.

    (b). you are supposed to meet the Principal / Class teacher when asked for, in your own interest and for the betterment of your ward.

    (c). Appointments will be at the discretion of the front desk based on the time schedule and the nature of query.

    (d). Appointments will be one on one basis to address the individual issues. Appointment of the different parents cannot be combined.

    (e). Parents will be allotted a time slot to meet the teacher. Parents are expected to adhere to their allotted time to avoid causing any kind of inconvenience to themselves and other parents.